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Success Stories

July 2017

Robert Ward                                                         3/10/2016

PT Testimonial

I was injured on a dirt bike some time back. I was cut up and bruised but didn’t know what I did to my back. It was about a month later that it happened. I stood up from the kitchen table to go to work and hit the floor in pain. The pain was so bad I almost passed out. I called 911, the ambulance came, took me to the hospital and gave me morphine IV and sent me home with a prescription of hydrocodone. I lay on the living room for a day and I could not walk (too much pain) my son took me to Dr. Roberts by way of a wheel chair. After about three months of treatment, my back was straightened out and the pressure was taken off the sciatic nerve. It took time and a lot of pain, but Dr. Roberts got me back on my feet, pain free and back to work.